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Important Ticket Announcement!
April 16, 2014

by: Treat

Please read all this carefully!

The second round of tickets for Transformus 2014 will be held April 20th and 4:00PM EST as previously announced. Be ready at least ten minutes before that time. The link will be on transformus.com the same as the first round.

It has come to our attention that a technical exploit exists to enhance the chance of obtaining a Transformus ticket (and/or enable the purchaser to exceed the limit of two per person) in the second round and that those using it may have a significant advantage over those not using it.

The Transformus Board unanimously considers the use of this or any such exploit to be unacceptable. In keeping with the policy of Burning Man and other burn events around the world, it is now our policy that any use or publication of this or any coded technical exploit to gain an unfair advantage in any online ticket purchase situation will be grounds for revocation of any ticket purchased with the exploit, and the banning of the purchaser from the event, at the sole discretion of the board of directors.

READ THIS! Very Important Information for the 2nd round:

The second round of ticket sales will involve an additional step not required in the first round, due entirely to the existence of this exploit. The instructions for purchasing a ticket will appear on the Transformus ticket purchase page in the minutes prior to the opening of the round, and not before. The instructions will be simple to follow and the same for everyone but you must see them appear and follow them before you will be able to purchase your tickets. You will not have the ability to purchase a ticket until you see these instructions appear and follow them exactly. This procedure will appear at the same moment for everyone at the standard ticket link and everyone will have an equal chance to get tickets.

We regret the necessity to make your purchase process a little more complicated but this way everyone will have the same chance at a ticket.

Best of luck to you in this round and we look forward to seeing you on the mountain in July and at Ignite in May.

Theme Camp Registration is Open!
April 01, 2014

by: firefly

Theme Camp Registration for Transformus 2014 is now open! Please fill out the registration form on the Theme Camp Registration tab and take note of these dates.

April 1st - Theme Camp registration opens
April 20th at 4PM 2nd round of Transformus ticket sales
April 27th Preferred Theme Camp placement registration ends (1 week after 2nd round of tickets). Camps registered by this date will have preferred placement, meaning we will do our best to put you in your top neighborhood picks.
May 11th ALL registration ends, so get your registration forms in! (3 weeks after 2nd round of tickets). Camps registered by this date will be placed, but may not get their top neighborhood picks.

If you have any questions, please contact cityplanning@transformus.com

Transformus Tickets Round 1
March 25, 2014

by: JoeJoe


As of 8:33pm all tickets are SOLD. All 1250 were reserved in a matter of seconds. A small number of those dropped back into the pool and were sold up to 30 minutes later.

We are very happy for those who got tickets, and optimistic for those who didn't that you will get a ticket in Round Two on 4/20/2014 at 4pm EST.

Ignite Theme Camps and Neighborhood Naming Poll
March 16, 2014

by: Amber Pixie

Ignite Theme Camp Registration Time

This year, for the first time, Ignite is officially registering Theme Camps for attendance. Do you have a sound camp? Have a cool bar? Got a great chill space? Want to host playforms? Like to create a quiet space to meditate? Whatever you want to bring, we want it! Please fill out the theme camp registration form: Click Here

Ignite Neighborhood Naming Vote

Where are you camping at Ignite? "Over there in that area with the grass by the thing" isn't terribly helpful. We'd like the communities help in forming names for some preliminary neighborhoods at Ignite so you can tell ALL your friends exactly where you will be camping. A poll has been posted to the facebook group where you can suggest names you like or add your own.

Hover over Ignite in the sidebar and click on Theme Camps for more information.