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Apply for a Creativity Grant for 2015!
January 19, 2015

by: Amber Pixie

Have a great idea for art at Transformus? Need funds to make it happen?

One of the most incredible elements of the Transformus experience is the artwork and creativity that blankets the landscape and fills the corners of Deerfields. Itís something that lives in the memories of every Mysterian. We invite you to contribute to that experience. All forms of creativity may apply, at all levels. You can engage any or all of the five senses and give us all something to take home that we wonít find anywhere else. Last year we awarded $19,000 to art grant recipients. There were over 100 applications submitted in 2014, and we are hoping for many more this year.

Applications are now open and will be due by Feb 28th at 6:00 pm. To view the form and application instructions, please click here.

Effigy and Temple builders needed for 2015!
January 19, 2015

by: Amber Pixie

by Conway

We are excited to announce that the application process has begun for this year's Effigy and Temple!

Do you have an awesome idea for the Effigy or Temple for 2015? Do you have the wherewithal to make your plans a reality?

We want you to apply for the Effigy or Temple Grant for this year and build us something amazing to burn! The application period will be open from now until February 19th.

You'll need to provide a plan including the full design idea, a full estimated budget, and a plan of action to make it happen.

The BoD will select the grant winners from the pool of applicants in February. So start getting your ideas together, make your plan, and get ready to build some great art! If you have any questions you can email effigy@transformus.com or temple@transformus.com.

Click here for the Effigy Application!

Click here for the Temple Application!

We can't wait to see your ideas come together! Remember, you are Mysteria!

Consent at Transformus & Ignite
November 24, 2014

by: JoeJoe

Given some recent community discussions that have been brought to the BODís attention, we would like to reiterate our consent policy. At the Transformus and Ignite events, consent is celebrated and viewed as an indispensable part of participant interaction. The BOD will respond to issues that are brought to its attention by those with firsthand knowledge of the situation, particularly if they occur onsite at the event itself.

Remember, most importantly, that *you* are Transformus. The BOD is simply the organizers of a great event for the community. We are not Ė and simply cannot be Ė the neighborhood watch for everything that happens between community members outside of the event. Of course we take the safety of our participants very seriously. If there is reasonable evidence that someone is a threat to our community, we do reserve the right to refuse admission.

2014 Transformus Census
October 23, 2014

by: JoeJoe

Greetings Mysterians!

Please help us gather information for the Transformus annual AfterBurn Report and to help us continue to improve our event for 2015 and onward!
Your responses are anonymous and help us to understand the needs, thoughts, and composition of our community.

Please fill out this form only if you attended Transformus in 2014.

Do you want to be a part of Transformus Leadership>
October 13, 2014

by: JoeJoe


Participation: It's not just a principle; it's a critical need for Transformus and Ignite to exist. One great way to participate year-round is to step into a leadership role in the community. Whether Team Lead, BoD, or other positions, good leaders are a valuable addition and something we can't do without.

Sometimes good potential leaders get overlooked due to the craziness of on site events, don't show their interest to the right person or at the right time, or simply don't realize that anyone can be a leader if they show the skills and desire to be one. This form is an effort to help the BoD keep track of potential leaders and give everyone an easy way to show interest. We're looking for not just on-the-ground "doers" but big-picture thinkers and organizers. Organization and decision making skills are highly sought after and hallmarks of a good burn leader.

Tell us why you would be a great addition to leadership in our community! We'll keep your interest on file as positions open up and regularly refer to the candidate list to ensure we don't overlook good candidates in the future. Filling out this form isn't a guarantee you'll be picked for various leader roles, but it is certainly a great way to make sure your skills and desire are known.