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Pre Burn Info you need!
July 04, 2014

by: JoeJoe

Important things you need to know. Please read this whole thing, it's all important.

  • Volunteer:

    Transformus only works if we have enough lovely volunteers! You can see our volunteer needs by clicking on the Volunteer Statistics page. Please sign up for a shift and help us build our home! Log in, volunteer tab, sign up, pick a shift and team. Volunteer sign up ends on 7/13 at 12:01am! After that you will have to visit the VC tent to volunteer on site.
  • Ice PRE sales:

    Ended June 30th. No ice will be sold on site. Those who bought ice can pick it up Saturday from 11-3
  • Tickets:

    if you need or want to sell a ticket the group for that is here Tickets can be exchanged physically or electronically, all we care about is the barcode. First use of the barcode wins and all others are denied, so be careful who you buy from! If you choose to use the BPT ticket re-sale process be aware that no tickets can process after 7/12/2014 as we are closing ticket management on 7/13.
  • Getting in:

    Directions and gate hours are on the website. Once you arrive you MUST have your PRINTED tickets and a waiver. Phones do not work, ONLY printed (on paper and legible) tickets and waivers will work. Bringing a few extra waivers is super helpful for everyone.
  • Getting out:

    NEW EXODUS PROCEDURE this year. When you want to leave on Sunday or Monday you CANNOT just go get your car and drive in. You MUST break down your camp first and once done, or nearly so, find a GTFIO team member and have them check your camp, they'll be walking around with big ole flags for easy spotting. They will give you a token that will allow you to get your car at the parking lot. No token = no car, period. Then you can drive in, load up, and head out. Please do not linger, do not park your car and walk off, do not block the roads or other camps. Traffic is our biggest problem in Mysteria, this procedure will help reduce it's impact but everyone has to play nice. Read the in & out guide by clicking here
  • Where am I camping:

    Click here for the theme camp layout. Find your camp or open camping, plan your approach, be prepared to carry your gear. Pyro Celt and the DCP team can answer layout questions, email them at cityplanning@transformus.com
  • Theme camp entry:

    Theme camp infrastructure crews only can enter on Wednesday with pre-approval. Your name must be on the list or you will not be able to enter. DCP will be collecting this info after July 4th. All theme camp participants can enter on Thursday, but you must be part of a theme camp. General entry is on Friday.
  • Events:

    Event entry for the Burn This Booklet is now closed. Events can still be added to the website for general viewing but no new events added will be placed in the BTB. If you need to update an event description please email communicate@transformus.com