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April Edition of Mysterian Musings
April 15, 2015

by: Amber Pixie

Hot off the press...the April Edition of Mysterian Musings is ready for your reading pleasure. Topics include Ignite! Playform Registration and Volunteer Opportunites, Transformus Effigy and Temple winners, Transformus Ticket and Sticker Design Contest, Mysterian Art Development Grant Application, Transformus Theme Camp Registration, Beyond the Burn and Theme Camp of the Month. Don't be the last to know!

Click here: April 15, 2015

M.A.D. Grant Now Open
April 14, 2015

by: Kurtal Icious

The Mysterian Art Development (M.A.D.) grant application is now open! The M.A.D. project focuses on bringing in different artistic mediums to help educate and create more art for the community of Transformus. The intent is to bring in large scale art projects or performances from outside of the region that have already been conceptualized and developed. If you have an existing project that you would like to bring to Mysteria, please apply on the website by clicking on the M.A.D. link under the Art tab on the website. The deadline is May 2.

Round 1 of sales is officially sold out!
April 12, 2015

by: JoeJoe

As of 4:15 PM all tickets have been sold and resolved.

Next round of sales is May 12th at 9pm

Ticket and Theme Camp Registration Dates!!!
April 06, 2015

by: Amber Pixie

Hello 2015 Theme Camp Organizers!

I don't know if y'all are as excited as we are for Transformus XII, but we're pretty freaking excited!!! And THUS we wanted to reach out to y'all and let you know that we're about to open up theme camp registration for this year! So here are some important dates to keep up with if you're coming back to the mountain to join us again!

  • April 12th - First Round of Transformus 2015 Tickets goes on Sale at 4pm!!!
  • April 13th - Tranformus 2015 Theme Camp Registration opens at 4:13pm (4/13 at 4:13pm)
  • May 12th - At 9pm the 2nd (and final) round of tickets goes on sale!!!!!
  • May 15th - Preferred Theme Camp Placement Registration Ends at 5:15pm (5/15/15 at 5:15pm)
  • May 31st - ALL Theme Camp Registration ends at 11:59pm, so get your registration in!!!!

So, plug those dates into your calendars and start thinking about some of your write ups, like your theme camp descriptions for Burn this Booklet and for the Transformus website! Please keep in mind, this application is set up to be done in one sitting (i.e. no saving and coming back later option) -- because of this, we have posted a document with the list of application questions so you can be extra prepared and have your answers ready.

We hope to see you all on the mountain again this year!

With all our love,
- Department of City Planning