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Tickets and Ice!
March 18, 2015

by: JoeJoe

Transformus 2015 Announcement


We are thrilled to announce that the contract with Deerfields has been signed and Transformus will once again be home on the mountain! As always Transformus will take place during the 3rd weekend of July, however this year we are adding an EXTRA DAY to the front of the event to allow for more mountaintop fun, to help smooth out entry traffic, and give you more time at home. Both theme camp and public entry will happen one day earlier than last year.  Hooray!


Here’s the breakdown:


Tuesday July 14th: Limited theme camp only set up. Requires pre-registration.

Gate open 9am to 9pm

Wednesday July 15th: Open theme camp only entry, now one day earlier!. Requires pre-registration.

Gate open 9am to 9pm

Thursday July 16th: General public entry, now one day earlier!

Gate open 9am to Midnight***

Friday July 17th: General public entry

Gate open 9am to Midnight***

Saturday July 18th: General public entry

Gate open 9am to Noon (Absolutely no entry after 12pm on Saturday)

Sunday July 19th: Exodus begins. Pack down your camp before getting your car

Gate open 9am to 9pm

Monday July 20th: Exodus continues, everyone out by 1pm

Gate open 9am


***Please note that the gate will not be open overnight on Thursday or Friday night***


***Keep an eye out for the new In and Out guide and Survival guide for 2015 which will be published in the coming months.

Ticket Sales

Our ticket cap this year will once again be 2500 Mysterians.

Due to the volume of people on site, please carpool and pack well to reduce the number of vehicles on site and in the parking lot. Carpooling reduces impact to the parking lot, which helps keep cars from getting stuck, and reduces degradation of Myseria’s roads helping smooth out exodus.


This year we will once again be using Brown Paper Tickets as our ticket vendor. Additionally we will be using them this year for ice. Information on how this works is further below.


Tickets and ice can be purchased at http://Transformus2015.brownpapertickets.com


Round 1: April 12th 2015 @ 4pm Eastern. 1250 tickets will be available


Round 2: May 12th 2015 @ 9pm Eastern. Remaining tickets


Price: $108 plus service fee and taxes. Total price will be about $120.


A max of 2 tickets per purchase will be available. More detailed information on ticket sales and process will be available soon.


Due to the extra day for the event ticket price has increased slightly. This increase includes a land use fee increase, allows funds to pay for extra porta johns, additional wear and tear on the land, extra days of security, EMS, radio, golf carts, generator rentals, fuel costs, and so on.  Even more awesomely, we’ve also increased the Art Grant budgets significantly over last year!


We’re so excited to see you all on the mountain!  

Ice Pre-Sale by Donation

After the soggy, frostbitten, beautiful success of ice sales in 2014, Freeze Your Burn! is back for Transformus 2015! That’s right, in addition to keeping 2014 nice and cool, FYB! helped the Mysterian community donate more than $2500 to a local Mills River school for use in their arts program. This year, we’re doing it all again, but better!


Similar to last year, this year ice will be available through donation prior to the event only. Purchases can be made online through Brown Paper Tickets via the same link you purchase your ticket for the event, but they do not have to be purchased at the same time.


Some important knowledge for your brain:

  • Ice sales will begin shortly after round one of tickets go on sale and will be open until May 31st at 11:59pm EST. The ability to simply donate to charity without the purchase of any ice will be available until the burn starts. The link to follow is: http://transformus2015.brownpapertickets.com

  • You do not have to purchase your ice at the same time you buy your Transformus ticket.

  • No money will be accepted at Transformus, so leave that stuff at home.

  • Each 10 pound bag of ice will be a $4 donation, and our tiered system allows you to buy from 1-15 bags with a single transaction. If you or your camp needs more, simply just do it again!

  • Unlike last year, you won’t need to bring your ID to pick up your ice! Just make sure to know the name and e-mail address of the person who made the donation.

  • Ice pickup will be held at a central location near the upper lake/burn field on Saturday, July 18th from 10am to 2pm.

  • Any ice left over at 2pm will be dispersed among the Mysterian community at large in whatever capacity the FYB! team deems fit/most entertaining.


Stay chill, hippies! And FYB!

Call for 2015 Transformus Art Grant Jury Members
March 10, 2015

by: Amber Pixie

Love art? Do you have an objective mind? Do you want to volunteer before Transformus starts? Do you want to have a say in this freaky world? Do you LOVE art, artists and the artistic process? Then the Creativity Grants Team wants you!

“How can I participate in this auspicious process?” you ask?

Jury Members' Responsibilities:

  • The Jury will be called to review each application in a blind format to promote transparency and fairness (juror sees only the art application and not the artist info) There are between 40-50 applications.
  • Judge each project based on a set of criteria and record your marks and then participate in a conference call moderated by the Grant team leads to allot monies to the winners.
  • Be available to review applications and sit in on a long conference call in late March.
  • Must have consistent internet access for communications and phone access for the Jury conference call
  • Jury Members can NOT be:

  • An artist applying for a grant or the applicant’s team
  • Anyone on the Board of Directors
  • Anyone who is a Team Lead (including Grant team, though they will moderate the jury process.)
  • Spouses of above
  • Deadline to sign up is March 18th! The date and time of the conference call will be decided based on maximum participation availability.

    If you read all the above and would like to participate, fill out this form: http://goo.gl/forms/9XRmDVbH3Q

    If you have any questions, please email creativity@transformus.com

    Ignite! 2015 ticket sales details!
    February 26, 2015

    by: JoeJoe

    Time for an Ignite! update! Tickets to Ignite 2015 will go on sale on Sunday, March 1st at NOON eastern time. That is 3/1/2015 @ 12pm EDT. You can buy a ticket by going to HERE and picking your preferred ticket types. Please note that ID’s and ages will be checked at the gate for all participants young and… not as young. This link will work but tickets will not be available until Sunday noon!

    $50 for all burners 13 and older
    $25 for all burners age 5 through 12
    FREE for all young burners under 5

    Do you want more details? Check out our brand new website over at Ignite-Burn.com for all your info needs and register. The site is still being filled out so stay tuned for more info as it’s released!

    Volunteer sign ups, theme camp registration, and Playform registration will all be announced in the next few weeks once we are past ticket sales opening.

    Art Grants Due This Week!
    February 25, 2015

    by: Amber Pixie

    Attention Mysterians! Art grant submissions are due no later than Saturday the 28th at 6pm. That's this weekend! Do you have an awesome idea? Submit a grant! Help fill Mysteria with magic.

    Update from the BOD on Transformus 2015:
    February 24, 2015

    by: Conway Jennings

    Negotiations for holding Transformus 2015 at Deerfields on the traditional third weekend of July are underway. We aim to have a signed contract in the coming weeks. As soon as we do, we will release an official announcement confirming event and ticket sale dates and prices. The BOD understands the importance of this and is doing everything within our power to expedite the process.