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Statement on the loss of Jay Marx
July 29, 2015

by: Treat

Last Sunday on a bright and joyous afternoon, we tragically lost a beloved member of our community, Jay Marx - longtime burner and a member of Mists of Avalon. He left our world in a beautiful place he loved among those he loved and who loved him.

The Transformus community joins with Jay's family and friends in mourning his loss. The Board of Directors would like to deeply thank all those heroic participants, volunteers, and paid EMS staff who were involved in the effort the save Jay's life. We will continue to seek additional facts on the circumstances of how he came to be found unconscious in the lower lake. We plan to issue an extended review and report for our community as we receive any further information.

We are also very aware of the trauma and grief some of you may be feeling. Our Sanctuary team has continued their work after the burn and would like to share resources with anyone affected by this incident. Please contact sanctuary@transformus.com for assistance.

Everything that could have been done was done, and done well. Meanwhile, we are all left to deal with the incomprehensible loss as best we can. Every one of us are on an infinite journey through and beyond space and time, a part of the universal consciousness. All of those who knew and loved Jay were privileged to share a part of their journey with his beautiful spirit for a brief moment of cosmic time.

Through the memory of Jay, and all those beloved burners who have left this plane of existence, we are reminded to love and support and cherish our fellow travelers the more fiercely while we are together on this good earth amid its bounty, among our friends and lovers, met and unmet.

Together we mourn, and together we commit to love one another in honor and respect to the departed, and those who will depart; now, and forever.

Jay Marx
July 21, 2015

by: Midnightt

Now that his family has been contacted by the authorities, we can confirm the man mentioned in our previous statements is Jay Marx. Intense grief can come from tragic loss, and we hope to support our extended burner community in this period of mourning. Based on our review of the event on site, we feel confident in our emergency procedures and the staff that executed them. We will continue our internal review and additional post-event evaluation of the incident. We always welcome your thoughts at bod@transformus.com.

July 20, 2015

by: Midnightt

On Sunday afternoon, a tragic accident occurred during Transformus. A participant was discovered unresponsive underwater at the lake. The emergency services staff on site promptly responded to provide aid. The man was then transported off the event site by ambulance emergency workers and taken to Park Ridge Hospital. We now have confirmation that while he was at the hospital he did pass away. We have and will continue to cooperate fully with the authorities involved. This is a terrible loss and our thoughts and prayers are with his family, friends, and the Transformus community. Please contact the Board of Directors regarding any further inquiry at bod@transformus.com.

July 19, 2015

by: Midnightt

Today, Sunday July 19th, a participant was taken off site in an ambulance for a life threatening medical emergency. We are currently monitoring the situation and clarifying details. We will share more information with the community when we are able. -Transformus Board of Directors

Mysterian Musings - IMPORTANT INFO!
July 10, 2015

by: Amber Pixie

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